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Welcome to Creative Tidal Wave- Surfing for Solutions!

on June 4, 2012

Are you sinking in a sea of impossibilities? Do you feel like a fish out of the water? Well, Creative Tidal Wave is here to wash away the “im” and make your life swimming with “possibilities.”  Sometimes life seems a bit of a struggle when you face challenges be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. This a place to discover alternatives so you can sail smoothly through the once  troubling seas.

Hi! I’m Donna, and I want to take you on a journey to discover a new way of looking at, dealing with, and working through those troubled storms you might faced as you sail thought life. I am a creative, an artist, an educator, a mother, and a person who has successfully guided many people with learning and personal challenges via the arts and sensory integration techniques. Now I want to branch out beyond the “four walls” into a space where I can share my secrets, tips, and guidance from over twenty years of experience  in special education and advocacy. Yes, I have learning challenges, as well as being a parent of a child who has risen above the challenges that were once told to us would be impossible to overcome.  The fleet of success is setting sail out in search of others who are stranded needing some creative solutions.

Some ideas are as simple as chewing gum to help improve your focus. Sometimes we may need to take a longer sail to discover why your “anchor” is stuck or the reason you may be drifting when you need to be anchored in port.

As you can tell I am crazy about the ocean theme. The beach is a calming and inspirational place for me. It reminds me of how life often like an ocean. On the surface it can seem one way but if you dive in deep there is a whole other world of incredible things hidden from view. I believe we all have lots of hidden treasures that were left untapped during our formative years or an unexpected hurricane ripped through which changed everything so you have to rebuild. But, deep down in the depths still lurks those wonders if discovered can bring new life and hope once brought to the surface. No one is like the Titanic which must remain in the watery tomb. We all have the ability to rise above and rediscover new ways of living, all you have to do is believe.

Please check in from time to time. If you have a particular interest or need, please let me know so I can see what wonders I can pull from the treasure chest of ideas and tips.


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