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Shark like focus

on June 6, 2012

Have you ever found your mind wandering when you should be focused on a task? Have you ever noticed what other people are doing during long boring meetings to keep their focus? There are options that can help you gain that focus during meetings and frustrating tasks.

As adults, we have many options. No one stays perfectly still during long drawn out meetings. People play with their pens, doodle, chew gum, have some sort of drink with them, or are moving some body part in a not so obvious way such as swinging their feet. When working on a project in the office, people often listen to music, have their coffee, snack on crunchy foods, etc. Everyone has some sort of tricks they use, most people of not aware that they are doing these things to full fill a sensory need to help them focus and stay alert. It is a subconscious thing that comes natural to many folks.

If you are a person with ADHD or ADD, or just have problems focusing, it might be that your subconscious is not kicking in these ideas. My personal belief is that if you did not have a good sense of your own body and what comforts you at a young age then these subconscious stabilizers were not developed. We live in a rushed world where parents often use the television and food as comforting devices instead of helping a child find their own more natural versions. Unfortunately, students do not have the same options as adults though if you pay close attention, the teacher is doing those things so she/he can stay alert. As a former teacher and consultant, I found if students with distraction problems were taught how to find their focus helps and allowed to use them, not abuse the privilege, then behaviors went down and grades went up. Teachers, parents, and students all developed a much happier outlook on school once the right fit and cooperation in trying new ways to reduce the behaviors and increase the attention span.

So, what are some of these ideas? Some might sound a bit odd but then again, I urge you to try some to see how they might work for you. Please note that everyone is different and may not respond to every one of these. It does take some time for some to work, others might find instant awareness. All of the ideas are based upon sensory awareness. This involves visual, auditory, oral, smell, and physical options which trigger your body to respond to alertness and focus.

Today I would like to focus on using various smells  to increase alertness.  Citrus is a scent that causes your brain to perk up. Cut in to a lemon or an orange. How does that make you feel? It definitely doesn’t make you sleepy. Anything from the mint family adds that extra punch you need to stay awake. Do you remember the York Peppermint candy commercials? They played upon that idea. The smell of coffee also has triggers a response in the brain. Have you ever noticed how the old pine cleaners made you suddenly take notice and feel a bit more alert?

Spend some time this week discovering what smells make you perk up and others that make you calm down. You will be surprised with all the various things around you that are subconsciously controlling your moods.


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