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Shark Like Focus… to the music

on June 10, 2012

Have you ever noticed how music can change your mood? If you have one of those out-of-sorts sort of days, try changing the tune with music.

If you are lagging in energy, up the beat. A good peppy beat can get the brain back up rocking once again. Find your style and turn up the dial. You might try a flash back to tunes you loved “back in the day.” Happy beats from the past can trigger a happy focus.

Distracted because your mind is wandering all over the place? Try some classics. Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven, these guys can get your brain waves from frantic to calm. So the big oldies are not to your liking? Try a slower pace alternative rock. Search the airwaves or your music collection for easy-going tunes that have a calming effect and watch the smooth tones tune your brain into a slow groove.

If the words and melodies are causing you some distraction, try “white noise.” A room fan, the static on the radio, or some dull constant that drowns out all the other beeps, bumps, and thuds from the office that might keep you from focusing on an important task. Sound machines that create rain and ocean wave sounds are also a great choice if this is the sort of sound you need to help keep the brain in the groove.

Hope you can find your brain solution while surfing some of these possible solutions!

Did you know that edibles can help you focus? Check in tomorrow for some tasty treats that can help you perform at your peak.


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