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Focus like a SHARK – Get the image

on June 13, 2012

Creative Tidal Wave Muse

What’s the difference between a plain fish bowl and an aquarium? COLOR and lots of movement!! Another helpful hint to staying alert is to increase the visuals. For many of us out there we need some color and movement to keep our attention. If you look around an office space full of cubicles, the most productive sorts have well decorated spaces. Classrooms with colorful boards and mobiles attract more attention from students, parents, and administrators, as well.

Fill your space with solar bobble heads that move or other items that are changing such as small digital picture frames. Bright cheerful colors will help perk your mood. Fill your space with visual delights to keep from drifting off. When planning meetings, review the Powerpoints and handouts. Make them visually interesting instead of dull and plain.

For those who are in hyper mind mode and need to focus, try pastel colors. Blues and greens, with floral or landscapes can help you find your focus.

Play around with the color schemes and themes to find your visual boosters.


One response to “Focus like a SHARK – Get the image

  1. I agree; but some may say too much decor and color can detract. I believe balance is key! I believe one’s space needs to be visually pleasing and stimulating. This can be easily done without creating a visually noisy environment. Great post!!! Thank you, 🙂 Angi

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