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Let’s take a stroll in the moonlight!

on June 20, 2012

Never let the darkness and unseen stop you from discovering dreams

Have you ever taken a midnight stroll on the beach? Ever wonder about all the things happening below the surface? My imagination runs wild! Yes, my thoughts still wander to mermaids, pirates, and other mystical creatures.

The beach is not in my back yard but I often step out at night to inhale the fresh air and let my mind wander a bit as I gaze into the woods. I can hear lots of sounds but see very little. My mind takes awesome adventures as I sit and let my imagination run wild.

Take those impossible crazy ideas and make them a reality. Dream big, dream wild, dream of the what-ifs and the never -befores. Let your mind escape the bright lights, cubicles, business meetings, and travel through the darkness to unseen places that spark your inner spirit to move. The key there is “move.” Go beyond the sitting stage; move to make the impossible possible. Look around you now. See all those things filling your space? Someone had to have taken a stroll one night and dreamed a crazy idea…. then made a move to make it real.

I dare you to stroll in the moonlight to catch a dream and bring it ashore. It is ok to start small. The more you explore the more you can pull from to create. This time, let go of the shark like focus and sail like a dolphin or swim like a mermaid to find your treasure in the darkness and unknow….it is waiting for you.

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