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Sassafras Mittens

on July 4, 2012

For the other story:

Persian and Flemish  Folklore
Long, long ago, the first people began  life as a double tree. God separated the two trees, gave them souls, turned the  branches into arms and legs, and made the crowns into heads filled with the gift  of knowledge. Other trees also wanted to become people. They tried, but didn’t  make it. However, some of their leaves, like sassafras’, are shaped like human  hands, showing our link to trees.
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Tree Tales

lore and tales!!

What stories have been passed down in your family? Which stories do you recall from your childhood that you can share with someone today? What made hearing those stories as a child so interesting that they stayed with you as an adult?
Watching a good story-teller is a treat. I mentioned in an earlier blog about deaf storytellers and how one could understand them by their use of body movements and expressions. I think that is true of both hearing and deaf story tellers, the body language brings the story to life as well as an unforgetable experience. So, what is your story?



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