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Tiny house full of big dreams

on July 5, 2012

‘ Tiny house designed by Jim Franklin

‘I may be little but I can do big things!’ a quote from A Bug’s Life by Disney from Dot, the tiny princess. Love to see the impossible become possible. If you look at the word “impossible” you can actually break it down to ” I’m possible.” Time to change your thinking into dreaming then to reality. My nephew was in his early teens when he built this “cabin of dreams” in the back yard. He has become an impressive carpenter as a young adult. If he had feared using the saws and let the challenges stop him then he would not be living out his passion. Do not allow the frustrations of challenges hold you back from your dreams. Start small. Anticipate some set backs as lessons instead of an excuse to quit.  Enlist help when needed. Keep pushing yourself when you are tired and lack motivation, the rewards are worth it. Bury the inner critic and don your hammer, pen, paint brush, etc. and start creating those things you once dreamed of doing. If you don’t start you will never know what you can do and who knows it could lead to greater things!

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