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Be afraid, be very, very afraid!

on July 7, 2012

The autopilot look

If you have a cat then you know this look. Within a few seconds something will happen, no doubt. Been a cat person all of my life so I have learned a thing or two over the years. Movement + response= reaction , I believe that is the formula for cats. If it moves they cannot help but react, then comes the reaction usually from some unexpecting human whose fingers or toes were tapping which means the cat couldn’t refuse the response to go at it. The reaction, a scream or some tears causing a definitely retreat from the cat. But when you get right down to it, the cat cannot stop the auto pilot response which was built-in to the nature of being a cat. ADHD is a bit like that. If it has the potential to be played with then it is almost impossible to resist the urge. It is the auto pilot kicking in. Can it be stopped? Yes, it can but it takes some conditioning and time. First it takes identifying what triggers the auto pilot to kick in. Next, it helps to remove those triggers, of possible while starting the process to not go to auto pilot status. Once aware, try to substitute an acceptable distractor to mislead the auto pilot reaction. Sit back and watch a cat in action. Not the look then the auto pilot kick in to pounce. See if you can interrupt the cycle. Yes, it can be done but you must have stealth moves, especially with a cat. Take note, even kids and adults with ADHD have a look right before the “pounce.” For the record, there was a camera/paw exchange in the taking of the picture; both parties survived the POUNCE!


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