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Behind the mask

on July 9, 2012

As kids we loved to wear masks because then we could be anyone we wanted to be. We developed super powers and no one could bring us down. It didn’t matter if we had challenges because in our minds we were free to be that wonder we kept locked deep inside.

You don’t have to wear a mask to have super powers. No special cape or electronic device to switch them on. You just have to believe in yourself. Turn off the inner critic and take that leap. If a cape helps, then grab it. Sometimes we all need a security blanket. Find that inner kid who believed he could fly and change it up to take on a task you felt you couldn’t do. If you are a movie buff who likes the Marvel and DC comic movies such as Spiderman and Batman, you will notice that even super heroes, mask or no mask, make mistakes. But what makes then different, they believe in themselves and find another why to keep after their task. So if you must, don the cape and mask! Just believe and make those dreams come true. Image


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