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Pecking order in the hen house

on July 17, 2012

Now listen up, Ladies!

Sometimes you just snap a photo that reminds you of your daily life. Seems I have been here before. If you have a bit of a background in the “Rules and Order of the Hen House,” I think you will find the humor without much said. Behavioral scientist have noted there is a relationship between the “pecking order” in chickens and human behavior. Notice which hen has the fullest feathers and you will find the highest in the order. She is allowed to peck at any hen without retaliation. As you look about, notice who has the least amount of feathers. Wonder who “took the feather out of her cap?” Those with the best perches and nesting boxes are generally located the furthermost from the possible entry of a predator. (Where is your roost/nesting box/cubical?) Removing a hen from the flock for just one day and the “pecking order” must be reestablished. Yes, ladies, the fight for the top starts all over. Is your office a chicken coop? Where are you on the “pecking order?” Do you really want your office place to resemble a hen-house?


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