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Preventing the Re-Ghettoization of the Uneducated and Untrained Deaf in America

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Artist Trade Cards, a little pocket sized gallery

The Sounds of Spring

I discovered Artist Trade Cards a few years ago as a member of Coach Creative Space. Sometimes, us closet artist, find it hard to even think that we could fill a huge canvas. Even an 5×8 one seems way too vast of a space to fill. In a personal push to go public with my talents and creative ways, I signed up to do a trade. I fell in love with the pocket-sized marvels. More so, I loved getting such wonders from others who were fellow artists free! Yes, you heard it right, the cards are traded for free. You can collect a small museum worth of collectables from all sorts of artists.

This would be an awesome project to do with children. You could even host a small gallery event to show off the master pieces that were created. People of all ages enjoy the compact size. For seasoned artist, this can be a challenge so it is a mind bender from their usual huge creations. I love theme based swaps. I am working on some to send off to their new owners next week. So take a gander at some ATCs on the internet and start a swap with friends or join an awesome online art colony such as coachcreativespace.ning

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The quantum mechanics in relation to the wave

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night. Oil on can...

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night. Oil on canvas, 73×92 cm, 28¾×36¼ in. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before I go ahead, my disclaimer note is as follows: I am not in any way a scientist nor am I professing I totally understand the theories I mention in the blog at the level one might assume. I am a weird  sort who hears about such and researches it only to find that there are these correlations to life theory based upon my simple working knowledge within my understand. In finding myself in such a tangle of the quantum mechanics, I had a moment where the string theory, the parallel universe theory, and a touch of the wave theory all sort of made sense in a social means. Do I totally understand the scientific details of any of these? no, so please do not send me lengthy correctional summaries of my wayward notions. This is just a moment with the little information I have which created a tidal wave of … well. here it goes.We all are connected in ways beyond our comprehension. Sitting in the hospital while my dad had surgery opened a can of mental madness on how small the world is and these invisible strings that we unravel at such unexpected times. So we are connected by these weird connections and then the ripples that radiate out from the discovery to reveal more connections. But we also find that these connections show a parallel universe we live in. Some strings are attached to those things which we chose to hide in a world we do not wish to share except to those on the “flip-side.” But those worlds can collide. Just like in the quantum mechanics, when two such particles come together unexpectedly, this impact which can alter the universe. In Donna’s theory, that altered universe is when two strings’ and their ripple waves bring two opposite universes or parallel lives come face to face. Yes, emotions can have a nuclear sort of reaction which can change the path or even worse destroy a particle or person as known in some one or two of their flip-side worlds. But as in quantum mechanics, in my very brief and I mean very shallow understanding of such scientific wonder and magnitude, sometimes it is not always as bad as it seems. In rare occasions, such a colossal collide results in a totally new creation, often only in theory and  undefinable but out of the ashes rises a fresh new path which never would have been discovered if by some freak of nature two flip-sides yank their ties that bind and radiate in a way that changes their paths for the good.

It is rare to meet people who do not have a duel life, or a flip-side. Once discovered we are so shocked, but should we? We go to many places and discover connections with people we have never met before yet we have this invisible line of events we discover that links us.  It just dawned on me this isn’t a new theory on every day life. Kieffer Sutherland’s TV series, “Touched,” definitely plays into this.  Maybe we need more Asperger’s, autistic, selected mutes, artists, and weird geek nerd guys to expose the true pure ways of human connections, they might be the black-hole we can explore that holds mysterious clues we cannot explore within safety in space. These sorts do not have the means to recreate and alter thinking patterns, they seek what is and react to it. Life is scary, we all need to alert others when we see things they do not, those invisible strings. When we feel waves we do not understand but know they are unnatural in nature and harm is coming, we should react. When life gets so out of whack, we need to seek the calming links and allow those to have a ripple effect.  We need to allow certain particles to collide and bang together so the parallels can run as one path.

A brief connecting point, autistic and Asperger’s folks cannot filter, they are hit daily with the realities of today. Often they are at peace with the pure forms of life, not dealing with those with so many flip-sides. Mutes have no way to express but I assure you they see a world of decent and both sides of all.  Don’t you think that artists, in whatever form is their reality, capture the essence of their big bang moment in their masterpieces? When reality goes expressive, that is when connections make waves and BANG…. maybe a museum is really a warehouse of quantum mechanics as well as an iPod of such in music. Hmmm, another thought to ponder, but for another day.

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August full moon

August full moon (Photo credit: Stelios Kiousis)

How observant are you? Did you notice that is today’s date? A once in a life time event. Nothing outstanding, but note worthy. Take the time to notice the details. Teach your kids to seek out the uniqueness in common things, such as in this date. It is an important skill though it seems totally useless. Kids love it plus it helps them to focus and analyze things beyond the obvious. Yes, it is just a date but will it ever happen again? nope. I remember my son was due in August. I so wanted him to be born on 8-8-88. I didn’t get my wish but it was such a unique date. Who would ever forget that date?  It means nothing more than a sequence of numbers, but sometimes that is good enough.

Oh, think about this…at 8:09 10/11/12    Yeah, it can get better! And, this will happen twice in one day!!

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Deadliest weapon


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

Some of the worst scars and most disabling wounds are not from material weapons. Some of the most significant injuries that carry life long wounds are from an invisible source. Words. They can render a person disabled for life. How many of you carry wounds from words spoken to you as a child? I bet you remember some negative words said to you by a teacher, a coach, or a parent.  A teacher who met my daughter only once said in a meeting she would never graduate or excel because she had a learning disability. Since we have worked on self-empowerment all of her life she didn’t keep a life long oozing wound though she carried a scar. When she received an academic scholarship to a private college she told me she wanted to send that teacher an announcement to show her she was wrong so many years ago. The next statement surprised me, “how many other kids do you think she told that to and they believed her?” How many kids gave up once this was said in an IEP meeting in front of them? I have seen the by-product of such thoughtless heart stabs.

Mind your words. In the age of social media, once it is released into cyberspace it cannot be taken back. More so, think about the impact of your statements around young minds.  Invisible flashbacks as stabbing briars, pits of hopelessness, and a foreboding darkness of diminished worth will become the redirected pathway for a child who was subjected to  many years of torment from heartless people belittling them.  There will always be moments of negativism but is in the choices of words that can make a difference. “Lazy good for nothing, I wish you were never born” has a different impact than,”I am frustrated with your performance, I know you can do better. Let’s try again.” Stop and count to 10 before releasing a chain of poisonous dart words.  Think of options.

Please know that the invisible scars will manifest in the classroom and move into difficulties later in life. What is in your word arsenal? What invisible injuries have you inflicted upon others? What have you said to a child that will be remembered 7 to 10 years down the road in a negative way? There is a cure… think before you speak.



Sharing secret finds…..

Nothing like finding an awesome blog or website. Each week I am going to try to feature a great find for those interested in the arts. Thanks to my friend Angi Kowitz Orobko, Hearts that Care and A Kiss of Bliss, I have a new play site with tons of great artist and ideas. Please take a moment to check out  Lots of great stuff happening.

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Can you visualize that?


Some old ways just change names. Back some 25 years ago collage was a part of every kid’s elementary and middle school experience. Nothing like tearing through bunches of magazines to find the perfect picture, cutting it out and lathering on Elmer’s glue before placing in the perfect spot on construction paper. It always looked great because you could find awesome pictures that you couldn’t draw. Collage is back with a rage among us folks who grew up with it. Now it is called Smash Book or Soul Collage, among other things. When you find something good you just cannot do without it even in adulthood. We gather up the magazines and now pictures off the internet. Oh, I must add the latest internet fad, Pinterest!!! A type of collage in a digital well-organized and sharable format. Collecting pictures and ideas revolving around central themes has been a way of life for us. So glad to see it come back into style. Wish it would in the classroom.

Collages are a means of triggering that visual recall. It also incorporates kinesthetic properties. As many senses as you can apply to the learning experience the more likely a child is to recall the information. To be able to find pictures on a topic requires a higher level of thinking. Try collaging with your child. You might be surprised how simply looking for pictures and ideas helps to develop a broader form of understanding and application. Ask your child to explain why he/she choose each picture and how it relates to the topic or theme. Being able to express and explain choices will enhance understanding as well as give you, the parent or teacher, a better understanding of the child’s learning process. So break out those old magazines that have piled in the corner. Go get some glue sticks and Elmer’s glue, construction paper, and those purple  scissors! Make learning fun as well as a multi-sensory experience. You just might find yourself enjoying it as well. It is never too late to awaken that inner child!!

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