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Can you visualize that?

on October 1, 2012


Some old ways just change names. Back some 25 years ago collage was a part of every kid’s elementary and middle school experience. Nothing like tearing through bunches of magazines to find the perfect picture, cutting it out and lathering on Elmer’s glue before placing in the perfect spot on construction paper. It always looked great because you could find awesome pictures that you couldn’t draw. Collage is back with a rage among us folks who grew up with it. Now it is called Smash Book or Soul Collage, among other things. When you find something good you just cannot do without it even in adulthood. We gather up the magazines and now pictures off the internet. Oh, I must add the latest internet fad, Pinterest!!! A type of collage in a digital well-organized and sharable format. Collecting pictures and ideas revolving around central themes has been a way of life for us. So glad to see it come back into style. Wish it would in the classroom.

Collages are a means of triggering that visual recall. It also incorporates kinesthetic properties. As many senses as you can apply to the learning experience the more likely a child is to recall the information. To be able to find pictures on a topic requires a higher level of thinking. Try collaging with your child. You might be surprised how simply looking for pictures and ideas helps to develop a broader form of understanding and application. Ask your child to explain why he/she choose each picture and how it relates to the topic or theme. Being able to express and explain choices will enhance understanding as well as give you, the parent or teacher, a better understanding of the child’s learning process. So break out those old magazines that have piled in the corner. Go get some glue sticks and Elmer’s glue, construction paper, and those purple  scissors! Make learning fun as well as a multi-sensory experience. You just might find yourself enjoying it as well. It is never too late to awaken that inner child!!


One response to “Can you visualize that?

  1. Oh! I LOVE collage … could spend literally ALL day ripping up magazines and glueing away to my hearts content – it’s a very therapeutic process!

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