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on October 11, 2012
August full moon

August full moon (Photo credit: Stelios Kiousis)

How observant are you? Did you notice that is today’s date? A once in a life time event. Nothing outstanding, but note worthy. Take the time to notice the details. Teach your kids to seek out the uniqueness in common things, such as in this date. It is an important skill though it seems totally useless. Kids love it plus it helps them to focus and analyze things beyond the obvious. Yes, it is just a date but will it ever happen again? nope. I remember my son was due in August. I so wanted him to be born on 8-8-88. I didn’t get my wish but it was such a unique date. Who would ever forget that date?  It means nothing more than a sequence of numbers, but sometimes that is good enough.

Oh, think about this…at 8:09 10/11/12    Yeah, it can get better! And, this will happen twice in one day!!

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