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Deadliest weapon

on October 11, 2012

Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

Some of the worst scars and most disabling wounds are not from material weapons. Some of the most significant injuries that carry life long wounds are from an invisible source. Words. They can render a person disabled for life. How many of you carry wounds from words spoken to you as a child? I bet you remember some negative words said to you by a teacher, a coach, or a parent.  A teacher who met my daughter only once said in a meeting she would never graduate or excel because she had a learning disability. Since we have worked on self-empowerment all of her life she didn’t keep a life long oozing wound though she carried a scar. When she received an academic scholarship to a private college she told me she wanted to send that teacher an announcement to show her she was wrong so many years ago. The next statement surprised me, “how many other kids do you think she told that to and they believed her?” How many kids gave up once this was said in an IEP meeting in front of them? I have seen the by-product of such thoughtless heart stabs.

Mind your words. In the age of social media, once it is released into cyberspace it cannot be taken back. More so, think about the impact of your statements around young minds.  Invisible flashbacks as stabbing briars, pits of hopelessness, and a foreboding darkness of diminished worth will become the redirected pathway for a child who was subjected to  many years of torment from heartless people belittling them.  There will always be moments of negativism but is in the choices of words that can make a difference. “Lazy good for nothing, I wish you were never born” has a different impact than,”I am frustrated with your performance, I know you can do better. Let’s try again.” Stop and count to 10 before releasing a chain of poisonous dart words.  Think of options.

Please know that the invisible scars will manifest in the classroom and move into difficulties later in life. What is in your word arsenal? What invisible injuries have you inflicted upon others? What have you said to a child that will be remembered 7 to 10 years down the road in a negative way? There is a cure… think before you speak.



2 responses to “Deadliest weapon

  1. Amanda Wood says:

    So true. I was bullied as a child, managed to survive, but later in life I was bullied at work and it took a while before I realized my reaction was based on the long ago experiences as a child. I had a physical reaction internally that left me speechless and helpless. These things never leave you, no matter how much you work at ridding yourself of the past.

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