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Artist Trade Cards, a little pocket sized gallery

on October 28, 2012

The Sounds of Spring

I discovered Artist Trade Cards a few years ago as a member of Coach Creative Space. Sometimes, us closet artist, find it hard to even think that we could fill a huge canvas. Even an 5×8 one seems way too vast of a space to fill. In a personal push to go public with my talents and creative ways, I signed up to do a trade. I fell in love with the pocket-sized marvels. More so, I loved getting such wonders from others who were fellow artists free! Yes, you heard it right, the cards are traded for free. You can collect a small museum worth of collectables from all sorts of artists.

This would be an awesome project to do with children. You could even host a small gallery event to show off the master pieces that were created. People of all ages enjoy the compact size. For seasoned artist, this can be a challenge so it is a mind bender from their usual huge creations. I love theme based swaps. I am working on some to send off to their new owners next week. So take a gander at some ATCs on the internet and start a swap with friends or join an awesome online art colony such as coachcreativespace.ning


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