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on November 8, 2012

Sir Joshua Reynolds - Self-Portrait as a Deaf ...

Been hearing lots from both sides about the aftermath of November 6. So now what? Life goes on. What most do not realize it the impact of the negative and ober positive are having on the kids. It doesn’t matter who you voted for as much as how you deal with the “what now” part. Your attitudes towards others, which doesn’t mean you have to agree with their choices, and how you move forward directly impacts how your children treat others. Children are taught hate. They do not see color or race or preferences, that is learned.

Working in a deaf school I learned what it is like to be descriminated against for something I could not help- I was hearing. Other than the deaf/hearing issue, deaf basically do no see color, shape, size, religon, race, haircolor, job, educational status, sexual preference, etc. they just see a person. It was a very unusual environment at first because to them everyone that is deaf is pretty much equal and there for potenially a friend. It is an environment where people are gut level honest but mean it in a helpful way, not hurting. Hearing folks really find this honestly to be difficult, ironic that we wish not to hear the truth though we can. I think we as a society could learn a lot from the deaf culture. I cannot begin to explain it, one just has to experience it.

So when you start raving how you hate this group or that, please check to see if children are around. Please give them a chance to form their own opinions. There are enough bullys and gang behaviors in the schools, no more need to be created.

The bigger question I guess is why doesn’t positive spread as fast as hate? Seems people would gravity to something good yet it is the opposite. So what now? Are you planning to be a part of the new trend to focus on positive or will you continue the negative spiral down the toilet with attitude and hate? For me, I chose to find the positve, plant more of it and make a difference. Not the easiest but in the end, the most rewarding.


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One response to “What now?

  1. RJ says:

    A great post here. Yes, unfortunately most children take on the prejudices of their parents. For me personally it took several adult years to see that in myself and eliminate it. I didn’t go to deaf school but I have been deaf for almost 25 years now. Yes, the Deaf culture is good for some deaf people but they too have their prejudices. Many believe that giving a deaf child the miracle of hearing is child abuse. Some believe that those of us who are late-deafened are polluting their culture. All of us have prejudices; none of us are immune. We all have work to do in that regard.

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