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Filling the [ ] space

on November 9, 2012

Image Try this experiment. Give a kid a blank sheet of paper and whatever art materials you have on hand. Ask the child to fill the space. Better idea, you do it! Can you? This is a good test to see if you or someone else has lost their ability to creative, let their imagination run wild or has given into the nothingness.

So, did you fill the space? I bet the first response was,”What do you want me to draw?” We are so prone to doing what others say or are programmed to suit a needthat  we can no longer freely “fill the space.” You have a world of colors, maybe paints, markers, etc. before you yet you have no clue. Sad reality check, isn’t it.

What is sadder is when you do this with children. 40 yrs ago kids would jump at the chance to have free draw because their minds were booming with ideas and imagination. Where did it go? Think on that a while. That is what is happening in our country, a lack of creative stimulation and imagination promotion.

Take a wee bit of each day and “fill the page” be the page be a three inch square to a three foot canvas. Take time to jump start your mind. And remember, you don’t have to be an artist to “fill the page,” you just have to be a starter and let the colors flow to fill the space. Promote Creativity today!!


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