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Silence is not golden

on November 13, 2012

There are many sayings, “children should be seen and not heard,” “silence is golden,” and “silence is the source of great strength.”  There is a flip side to silence. we often think of the loud child as the one who much be going through something difficult when many times it is the silent child. Silent children are often thought of as “perfect” kids because they are not demanding, comply with the rules, and are often so quiet they are forgotten. These are often called the “lost children” because their needs are usually placed on the back burner and because of the silence, no one suspects the pain they hold inside. Do you know silent kids?

Children who are victims are often silent. Bringing any attention to themselves or their abusers has only caused more pain for them so they remain silent. Some silent kids are time bombs waiting to go off as they get older. It takes that one bully who pushes them over the edge. The saddest part is they suffer far more because at that point they are seen as a bully when really they are responding to meeting their limit of abuse. Some children, their silence is bought. But the pain still dwells deep inside which will surf, most likely when they are adults. Silent children often live double lives such as in a parallel fantasy world to escape their pain. We often think they are aloaf or weird when really they are trying to escape the torment and pain.

Please think twice when you see a child off in a corner alone and being “perfect.” Sometimes silence is not golden, it is dark with pain and disappointment. It just takes one caring adult to make the silence golden by taking a stand and being the voice the silence one is so afraid to have. Stop the hidden silence of abuse. Bring light and happiness to a “lost child” by helping him or her find the courage and support to speak out. Never let them regret standing up for themselves. Empowerment is the key. Art is the release for the silence.


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