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Tis the season for insanity…there is a better way!

on December 5, 2012

Well, that time of year is upon us.  Bright flashing lights, carols blasting from huge speakers or choirs singing at the top of their lungs. Smells of rich yummy foods filling the air tempting you to indulge. The mad rush of shopping, planning for Santa’s visit and family gatherings…. oh, the stress!!! Do not fall victim to over stimulation of the holiday traditions. This is also a time of quiet reflection. Yes, you heard me right. If you get overwhelmed and feel you have no way to escape, tell folks that you need a moment of quiet reflection. No one will think bad of you for taking a personal time out when you throw that little phrase at them.

Your brain can easily get overwhelmed and overstimulated with all the sensory overload. And if you think you have it bad, think about your children. Even more so, think about ADHD and autistic children, it is their worst nightmare! Limit your exposure to the chaos. Shop during less rush times. Check the paper for parade times and routes, you do not want to get stuck in a traffic yam. Balance your diet. Space the carbs and sugar plums out, do not consume them all in a 24 period. You or your child might need some alone time. It is perfectly ok to do so during this time and not be accused of being a “HUM BUG.”

Seek time alone. Reduce stimulation, carbs consumption and sugar intake. Seriously, take time to reflect upon the true meaning of the season. I am certain if you do all the overkill and rush will slow down. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Go Dawgs!!!

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