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What happened to manners?

on December 7, 2012

A friend posted that she had a great day which brought out her “glow” because for the first time in a long time people were nice. Oh, folks, that is so sad in many ways but true of reality today. With road rage, the entitlement issues, and children not learning manners, life is not as pleasant as it once was.

I noticed my last few years in the classroom that many teachers did not teach or have manners. Society has become so self-absorbed. If the parents are too busy to take the time to take part in PTA and other school related events, what does this teach their children? If parents are too busy to help with homework because their TV show or internet game is more important, what does that teach children? If teachers are too busy with negative talk and obsessed with the false Facebook relationships they develop with parents and take out such frustrations on their students, what does that teach the children? How many times have you cussed in front of your children? How many times have you flipped off someone in front of your child? How many times have you spoke negatively in front of your children? Who is teaching manners?

Please and thank you are still magic words. Teaching your children to take turns, being patient, and helping others not putting themselves first all the time can make their lives more pleasurable. It also helps to model such behavior. Teach your children that to be respected they must first show respect. One without manners and a good understanding that as a child they are not entitled to be worshipped and raised above anyone. Bullying and rude behavior do not raise one’s status  but for a moment.


One response to “What happened to manners?

  1. saychelle says:

    Amen!!! Manners practically do not exist and first impressions are everything.

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