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A life lesson at the dermatologist’s office

on December 12, 2012

Acne! One of those awful things that happens between 13 and 25 but can still appear at any point in life. At the dermatologist’s office with my daughter today when I was surprised at the doctor’s mentioning that there has been a significant rise in acne because of stress. He went on to say that life is far more stressful than it was years ago. This man was probably pushing 80 years old so I can say he definitely would know. (I was surprised to such a man of his age.) He said it was a shame we are under so much pressure and stress.

As I was driving home and was cut off many times as well as noting some road rage, it became clear that the stress was showing in myself as a reaction and in the impatience and rudeness of the other drivers. Then there was the drive-thru at Taco Bell, looking at how nasty the cash register was with hundreds of bits and pieces of napkin wrappers and other odd pieces of scraps and dust around just made me think twice about the conditions in which my food was prepared. That was stressful. The apathy of the workers was really concerning. Forty years ago people would have taken far more pride in the conditions of their establishment as well as those who worked there. Sad we must constantly add more and more inspections and regulations but it is a direct reflection upon the way society is today. As the music played on the radio I noticed that there aren’t any songs without a slew of cuss words. Really, when did it get so acceptable for everyone to cuss? Back in the day it was saved for extreme emotions not to spout out in everyday casual chat or music. Oh, I must add the impatience of those texting and calling me as I was busy driving. I wondered if those people actually thought for a few minutes after no response that I might just be doing something and could not reply than send a few more text asking why I wasn’t responding. No, I do not sit and wait for texts and calls all day, I have a life. By the time I got home I think I had a few pimples from the stress of those few hours.

Times might be more progressive and “modern” but I am making a New Year’s resolution to take back the olden days of kindness and proper behavior. I will be cautious of my word choices. I will stop eating out on a whim for health reasons.( Never had people getting food poisoning and e-coli back in the good old days when people didn’t have to be told to wash their hands.) Going to keep the raging temper off the roads when driving and bring CDs of music without the nasty words. I might be the only person “cleaning up my act” but I hope to be a role model or at least bring notice that life isn’t about the negative, it is actually better to focus on the positive… and have less acne and pimples, too!!


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