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on December 17, 2012

Well, I guess you did if you are reading this. That was a misleading title because of course you would open to read this blog.

Many folks have an issue with following directions. (I am not referring to you opening this blog.) Many teachers vent about students not following directions. I might know the possible issue why so many do not follow directions, their parents do not. Is it a lack of respect or just that pathological need to defy authority? Whatever the reason I believe we are sending a wrong message to children. Most of learning is incidental. If you think your kids are not watching or aware of your actions, think again.

Working in a deaf school for many years I learned the value of incidental learning. So many students lacked a lot of common knowledge often taken for granted. We are constantly learning from events and situations that are going on around us though we are often not aware or participating in them directly. Being deaf cuts one-off from a more experiences than most are aware. They are often clueless of what is happening around them because they are not alert to turn to observe due to a lack of being able to hear to know something is happening.

I will be the first to admit I often question certain directives and rules but will comply for it is what I should do. When you make it a habit of breaking the rules and defy direct orders then you are setting an example for your kids to do the same. When you steal, bully, go against the law, or simply instruct your child to not follow a directive from an adult who is  in charge of an event then you are leading a child astray. So, you do not agree with the position your child was assigned on a ball team. It is not your place to tell your child to defy the coach and play another. It is not ok to pitch a fit and pull your child from the team to get your way. Again, this is teaching your child a bad lesson in manners and promoting bullying behavior. Please reconsider your reasons for not following directions or directives before you do so, it might have a bigger impact on the future of your child than you think.

My blog is to make people aware of daily events that shape child behavior as well as why adults behave as they do which can be a direct result from childhood events. Often we are not aware of the consequences though we often complain about a child’s or an adult’s lack of proper behavior. Please note that life happens and some situations cannot be avoided. I focus on  addressing events that most people are fully aware they are doing but do not think about the consequences. Simple changes can make a huge impact on behavior not only in the current time but also in the future.


7 responses to “DO NOT OPEN

  1. Liza says:

    It’s not always meant disrespect but some children are labeled adventurous and curious. They just have to be trained to read directions, such as the first line (their name, should they continue and take the test). I’ve never had to NOT take a test in my entire academic career. But teachers again, forget kids are adventurous and need that.

    • Nothing wrong with being labeled adventurous and curious. I prefer to teach such kids because there is a desire to learn. My blog was pointing more towards such that do this sort of thing on purpose with an attitude. I agree with you that teachers should remember that kids are kids and will forget things from time to time. Having a child with ADHD, they also need reminding because with all of the prep to hlp with memory, they often forget as well.

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  3. […] Source: DO NOT OPEN « creativetidalwave. […]

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