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It is a special day here at Creative Tidal Wave. The mojo is strong and alive! Today marks the first teleclass for CTW. BELIEVE! Send stick’en think’en packing, will be live tonight. CTW is all about bringing back that creative and inspirational mojo into a boring and stagnant life. We all have those moments when we need a little magic to jump-start our life after a hard knock. Some need a bit of magic to release those dreams we have kept deep inside, too afraid to let out. That magic comes in the form of a wee bit of art dust to be sprinkled across the mind.

You don’t have to be an artist to capture this sort of art magic. Art comes is such a variety of forms. We often forget that music, writing, dance, and in general just the act of daydreaming all fall under the vast umbrella of the arts. What is most important is to release yourself from the overwhelming unrealistic set of self-imposed rules as the way of living and doing. Art and creative thinking are ways to move beyond the boring reality. Oh, I am not saying to go out and break the law, definitely not. I am encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone to a world of endless possibilities. Challenge yourself to try something you have always wanted to do but lacked the courage to do so. Take time to find the former passion driven inner child which disappeared once crossing over into the adult world. Pull out the old music that takes you back to the carefree days. Get your doodle thing going like you did in class in grade school. Take a hike or a bike ride. Once you do these things you will see the mojo moving back into your life. We all have a bit of magic inside of us. It is what gets us through those tough times. It is what makes wishes come true for those we love and care about. It is that inspiration and creative edge that takes a dull moment and moves it into a memory that will last a life time. All you have to do is BELIEVE!

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Removing wallpaper exposes true character

Nothing like a home improvement project to draw out the inner character in a person. When unearthing not one layer but 3 layers of old wallpaper it does impact one’s mindset on tackling the task at hand. It wasn’t as stressing to me because curiosity got the best of me about what other choices of wallpaper the former owner had picked. The other options did not prove to be any different from the top bad choice. But the adventure proved to unravel my helper. Now we are in the market for a new toilet because it got busted in a fit of rage. A drywaller will be coming in because someone got a wee bit aggressive trying to remove three layers at one time. And I learned a nice lesson in holding my comments to myself like, “I told you so.” The expression on my face pretty much sufficed for words. Impulsive and impatient people should not take on such a project.

Some of us enjoy the delight in creative ways to tackle a difficult situation. I was very content with the music blaring while I slowly peeled off each layer. I didn’t view it as a job to be handled in a matter of minutes or even hours once the unanticipated two other layers were discovered. Slow and steady wins the race. In this respect, proves to cost one less.

What could I have done differently? Believe me I have asked myself this question. What do you do when you must work on a project, not just a home improvement one, with a person who suddenly shows an inability to handle surprises? One key factor to lowering the stress is to not feed into the “I told you so” mode. That is hard to do when you have issued many unheeded warnings. Calming music would have been a better choice than the fast paced rock I so enjoy during a tough project. Sometimes we need to yield to the other person’s needs if we see things are getting out of hand. As well as reducing the thrills of finding multiple layers of wonder which only stressed him out more. In business or in the classroom we must remember if that when more than one is involved in gaining an outcome that we need to focus on the needs of the stressed out one. The end result can be less desirable if we do not lower the stress factor which can influence all parties involved plus delaying the outcome of the project.

As for the bathroom, I do believe there will be more blogs to come on this adventure, LOL!!

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Frustrated Artist, BEWARE!

peepsFrustrated artist! Beware of sudden out bursts of creativity, random splashes of color, and sudden moments of AWE-YES!!!

One of my pastime hobbies is designing sets for local theater productions. This is a challenge. With a limited budget and a huge space to fill which cannot overshadow the cast but must enhance the performance, the initial process can lead to a lockdown. During moments of creative blocks, which are very much like writer’s blocks, I will begin my piddling to trigger an AH HA moment. This time I made little felt birds. Why? I cannot answer that other than that is what got stuck in my head to do. But the intense process of figuring out how to turn the concept I saw on pinterest to an actually little creature did get the wheels turning. After an hour a prototype was made and several assorted little friends appeared to dance about on my work desk.

This alternate creation trigger the wheels to start moving in a creative and imaginative way. Within a few hours I was busting out set ideas. Why did I share this? Many people will stay so focused on project to the point they cannot move on. It is in switching the gears that often trigger solutions to the initial project which was causing the creative process to stall out. This works well with kids and homework. No where does it state you must do all 50 math problems at one time. Switch up between homework assignments if your child is “locking down.” You might find that a few minutes working on science might be the trigger needed to get the math thing going once again. Don’t be afraid to take a break and work on something else. Hmmmm, now what to do with all these little birds?

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Why do we think grey skies are so bad?

raindropsIn the deep south it has rained almost continuously since Christmas. Cannot remember the last time it has been so dreary for a majority of the time within a 6 week period. People are complaining. Folks are restless. And, being wet just isn’t what people prefer.

I ventured out yesterday and today on a mission. Didn’t complete the mission. I stood in the woods in the rain. Not unusual for me to do this in the summer time but decided why couldn’t I bundle up, don the goloshes and experience a cool winter shower. The grey skies were not so bad. The experience gave way to a renewal of the wonder of the forest. The droplets hanging from bare limbs is just as intriguing as they are hanging from young leaves. The smells are not that of cold rot but of a cleansing. The sounds are totally different from the chirps and songs of birds during a summer shower. There is a peaceful silence, rare after being held captive in a house for a while with restless folks.

We forget that the Earth needs her cleansing moments. We forget that rain is a life force we must have to maintain. We forget that if there are no grey skies there is no rebirth or growth. And though it was nippy out, it was an adventure I will participate in again as well as encourage others to do so.

Attitudes are formed early on in our lives. If parents and educators saw grey skies as opportunity can you imagine the positive influences this would have over time on an entire generation? In Barbara Ganim’s book, “Art and Healing,” she notes that the root of all stress is judgement. ‘Judgement causes conflict between the heart and the head.’ Our belief systems are developed from early experiences in our lives. When you wake to a day of grey skies and rain, ask yourself, does my heart have conflict with this or am I judging the day based upon how those who surrounded me during my earlier years told me to judge days like this.

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Welcome to the first day of an incredible new year, 2013! This can be a year of change if you just believe. Really, it is true. If you go at life with a positive mindset, even though in reality you know there will be some bumps and potholes, things will seem not so taxing.

To help you begin the year off with a new outlook, let’s try something. You will need some paper and pencils (colored ones if you are a big artsy in soul). Fold your paper in half. Fold it once again in half. Unfold. You should see 4 boxes via the fold lines. In the middle of one of those boxes write a word that focuses on a negatives from 2013. Draw a box around the word. Do this for the other three sections. I feel sure you can come up with 4 things you wish never to repeat for 2013. Now that you are finished, turn the paper over. On the back side fill the page with positive words. Go ahead and make them fancy or use doodles as well. Make it a fun display of all sorts of wonderous, magnificent, awesome, positive thoughts and visuals.

You have now boxed up your troubles and filled a much bigger space with words you can focus on if by some weird chance such a negative tries to escape their boxes. Keep this in a place where you can get your hands on it when you need to release some positive into your life. I challenge you to try this. It would be a great inspirational activity for your kids as well.

To an incredibly positive and year full of wonderful discovery!! Catch the Creative Tidal Wave!!


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