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on January 2, 2013

Welcome to the first day of an incredible new year, 2013! This can be a year of change if you just believe. Really, it is true. If you go at life with a positive mindset, even though in reality you know there will be some bumps and potholes, things will seem not so taxing.

To help you begin the year off with a new outlook, let’s try something. You will need some paper and pencils (colored ones if you are a big artsy in soul). Fold your paper in half. Fold it once again in half. Unfold. You should see 4 boxes via the fold lines. In the middle of one of those boxes write a word that focuses on a negatives from 2013. Draw a box around the word. Do this for the other three sections. I feel sure you can come up with 4 things you wish never to repeat for 2013. Now that you are finished, turn the paper over. On the back side fill the page with positive words. Go ahead and make them fancy or use doodles as well. Make it a fun display of all sorts of wonderous, magnificent, awesome, positive thoughts and visuals.

You have now boxed up your troubles and filled a much bigger space with words you can focus on if by some weird chance such a negative tries to escape their boxes. Keep this in a place where you can get your hands on it when you need to release some positive into your life. I challenge you to try this. It would be a great inspirational activity for your kids as well.

To an incredibly positive and year full of wonderful discovery!! Catch the Creative Tidal Wave!!



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