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Why do we think grey skies are so bad?

on January 15, 2013

raindropsIn the deep south it has rained almost continuously since Christmas. Cannot remember the last time it has been so dreary for a majority of the time within a 6 week period. People are complaining. Folks are restless. And, being wet just isn’t what people prefer.

I ventured out yesterday and today on a mission. Didn’t complete the mission. I stood in the woods in the rain. Not unusual for me to do this in the summer time but decided why couldn’t I bundle up, don the goloshes and experience a cool winter shower. The grey skies were not so bad. The experience gave way to a renewal of the wonder of the forest. The droplets hanging from bare limbs is just as intriguing as they are hanging from young leaves. The smells are not that of cold rot but of a cleansing. The sounds are totally different from the chirps and songs of birds during a summer shower. There is a peaceful silence, rare after being held captive in a house for a while with restless folks.

We forget that the Earth needs her cleansing moments. We forget that rain is a life force we must have to maintain. We forget that if there are no grey skies there is no rebirth or growth. And though it was nippy out, it was an adventure I will participate in again as well as encourage others to do so.

Attitudes are formed early on in our lives. If parents and educators saw grey skies as opportunity can you imagine the positive influences this would have over time on an entire generation? In Barbara Ganim’s book, “Art and Healing,” she notes that the root of all stress is judgement. ‘Judgement causes conflict between the heart and the head.’ Our belief systems are developed from early experiences in our lives. When you wake to a day of grey skies and rain, ask yourself, does my heart have conflict with this or am I judging the day based upon how those who surrounded me during my earlier years told me to judge days like this.

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