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Frustrated Artist, BEWARE!

on January 24, 2013

peepsFrustrated artist! Beware of sudden out bursts of creativity, random splashes of color, and sudden moments of AWE-YES!!!

One of my pastime hobbies is designing sets for local theater productions. This is a challenge. With a limited budget and a huge space to fill which cannot overshadow the cast but must enhance the performance, the initial process can lead to a lockdown. During moments of creative blocks, which are very much like writer’s blocks, I will begin my piddling to trigger an AH HA moment. This time I made little felt birds. Why? I cannot answer that other than that is what got stuck in my head to do. But the intense process of figuring out how to turn the concept I saw on pinterest to an actually little creature did get the wheels turning. After an hour a prototype was made and several assorted little friends appeared to dance about on my work desk.

This alternate creation trigger the wheels to start moving in a creative and imaginative way. Within a few hours I was busting out set ideas. Why did I share this? Many people will stay so focused on project to the point they cannot move on. It is in switching the gears that often trigger solutions to the initial project which was causing the creative process to stall out. This works well with kids and homework. No where does it state you must do all 50 math problems at one time. Switch up between homework assignments if your child is “locking down.” You might find that a few minutes working on science might be the trigger needed to get the math thing going once again. Don’t be afraid to take a break and work on something else. Hmmmm, now what to do with all these little birds?


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