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Removing wallpaper exposes true character

on January 27, 2013

Nothing like a home improvement project to draw out the inner character in a person. When unearthing not one layer but 3 layers of old wallpaper it does impact one’s mindset on tackling the task at hand. It wasn’t as stressing to me because curiosity got the best of me about what other choices of wallpaper the former owner had picked. The other options did not prove to be any different from the top bad choice. But the adventure proved to unravel my helper. Now we are in the market for a new toilet because it got busted in a fit of rage. A drywaller will be coming in because someone got a wee bit aggressive trying to remove three layers at one time. And I learned a nice lesson in holding my comments to myself like, “I told you so.” The expression on my face pretty much sufficed for words. Impulsive and impatient people should not take on such a project.

Some of us enjoy the delight in creative ways to tackle a difficult situation. I was very content with the music blaring while I slowly peeled off each layer. I didn’t view it as a job to be handled in a matter of minutes or even hours once the unanticipated two other layers were discovered. Slow and steady wins the race. In this respect, proves to cost one less.

What could I have done differently? Believe me I have asked myself this question. What do you do when you must work on a project, not just a home improvement one, with a person who suddenly shows an inability to handle surprises? One key factor to lowering the stress is to not feed into the “I told you so” mode. That is hard to do when you have issued many unheeded warnings. Calming music would have been a better choice than the fast paced rock I so enjoy during a tough project. Sometimes we need to yield to the other person’s needs if we see things are getting out of hand. As well as reducing the thrills of finding multiple layers of wonder which only stressed him out more. In business or in the classroom we must remember if that when more than one is involved in gaining an outcome that we need to focus on the needs of the stressed out one. The end result can be less desirable if we do not lower the stress factor which can influence all parties involved plus delaying the outcome of the project.

As for the bathroom, I do believe there will be more blogs to come on this adventure, LOL!!

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