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Get your mojo on

on January 29, 2013

It is a special day here at Creative Tidal Wave. The mojo is strong and alive! Today marks the first teleclass for CTW. BELIEVE! Send stick’en think’en packing, will be live tonight. CTW is all about bringing back that creative and inspirational mojo into a boring and stagnant life. We all have those moments when we need a little magic to jump-start our life after a hard knock. Some need a bit of magic to release those dreams we have kept deep inside, too afraid to let out. That magic comes in the form of a wee bit of art dust to be sprinkled across the mind.

You don’t have to be an artist to capture this sort of art magic. Art comes is such a variety of forms. We often forget that music, writing, dance, and in general just the act of daydreaming all fall under the vast umbrella of the arts. What is most important is to release yourself from the overwhelming unrealistic set of self-imposed rules as the way of living and doing. Art and creative thinking are ways to move beyond the boring reality. Oh, I am not saying to go out and break the law, definitely not. I am encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone to a world of endless possibilities. Challenge yourself to try something you have always wanted to do but lacked the courage to do so. Take time to find the former passion driven inner child which disappeared once crossing over into the adult world. Pull out the old music that takes you back to the carefree days. Get your doodle thing going like you did in class in grade school. Take a hike or a bike ride. Once you do these things you will see the mojo moving back into your life. We all have a bit of magic inside of us. It is what gets us through those tough times. It is what makes wishes come true for those we love and care about. It is that inspiration and creative edge that takes a dull moment and moves it into a memory that will last a life time. All you have to do is BELIEVE!

One response to “Get your mojo on

  1. coltchambers says:

    Loving your blog! Congrats on the success of your teleclass! Keep up the outstanding work, you deserve all the success in the world!

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