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That old Flibbertigibbet!!!

on February 2, 2013

Dictionary (Photo credit: noricum)

Nothing like a flibbertigibbet! Doesn’t take much to spot one. They flock to public events. Some of you might just be one but won’t admit it. An endless plethora of dirt.
Oh, did I catch you with “flibbertigibbet?” Isn’t it the most wonderful word! Just makes you laugh looking it as well as saying it. Have you ever just wandered about the dictionary? It is quite a read. I came across this word which produced a minute of giggles. I wondered what would happen if I was in a crowd and yelled out, “you are such a flibbertigibbet!!” Can you see the looks on folks’ faces? How many would make assumptions as to the meaning? How many would reach for their phones to search?
Challenge your kids or yourself to find creative words and use them. It is a fun game to stump the teacher or boss with a creative palaver (short chitchat). The broader one’s vocabulary is the more fun can be had in tense situations by flinging such a zinger like flibertigibbet. Plus one can watch some interesting body language as the receiver/listener tries to figure out if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
If you haven’t already looked it up, a flibbertigibbet is a gossip. Plethora means excessive. Oh, and dirt in the context above is slang for information.

One response to “That old Flibbertigibbet!!!

  1. Amanda Wood says:

    Hej there! Thanks for linking to my post! I enjoyed yours, too.

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