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Art at Heart

on February 8, 2013
English: A heart-shaped cookie

English: A heart-shaped cookie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tis February, the month we all think a bit more about both art and hearts. The artistic chocolates in their fancy boxes, romantic cards, the… not what I am thinking about. Did you know creating art is good for the heart? Art releases both tension and those wonderful feelie good hormones. Music, dance, painting,writing, creative baking, or scribbling can influence your day in a positive way.

I dare you to create your special Valentine a card. Whip up a special chocolate treat (yes, cooking is very artistic as well as creative). Karaoke his or her favorite song. Plan a nice slow dance just because. Or you can get the kids to decorate the house (this works well for the classroom, too) with hearts and all sorts of festive creations. Encourage your kids to make creative Valentines instead of buying them. Check out Family Fun Magazine for lots of awesome family creative activities. Art does affect kids behavior so get them involved!

Turn on the music, get that pen doodling, and put a little kick in your step as you make your way to the copy room. I can promise it will enlighten and brighten your day of you add a wee bit of art to your heart today.


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