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Time travel

on February 19, 2013
Cover of "Somewhere in Time (Collector's ...

Cover of Somewhere in Time (Collector’s Edition)

Ever look at the coins in your pocket and noticed the date? Did your mind wander back to that time in your life? 1978 – what a year! Started high school and discovered the wonders of grown up movies; in marched chick flicks. Not sure if that was the worse thing that ever happened to me or the best. My first was Superman. Some may argue about that being a chick flick but in my book it was the most romantic movie I had ever seen. Christopher Reeves set the bar high. Then there was If Ever I See You Again, a hope that if I lost a love then may be I could find him again. That was reinforced by the 1980’s movie, Somewhere In Time. Again, another Christopher Reeves delight. There were several more but those are the ones I recall with a smile and a blush.

That was also the year of my first love. One never forgets that first guy who stole your heart. Must admit the Christopher Reeves theme was weighing in, I only dated guys with dark hair. This started a bad labeling of the guys by my dad;” tall dark and ugly,” ” tall dark and talented,” ” tall dark and athletic,” and lastly,” tall dark and he has to go!” I pray none of them will read this because I would hate to admit which was which.

We all have those memories that are often forgotten until there is a small unexpected memory jolt. For a brief moment I was that freshman feeling so grown up yet still scared to death that now I was in the adult world of high school. Yes, at that moment I did think I was all grown up. HA!!Sometimes we need those escapes back to help us become more in touch with ourselves. I remembered the dreams, the frustrations and the heart breaks of that year and then some. Looking back helped me to see how far I have come. Yet it also brought back some forgotten dreams. Have I accomplished those of that wide-eyed teen girl of 15? Surprisingly, I am finally getting around to some of those. Has taken me long enough but still I am making those happen.

Pick up a coin, any one will do. Look at the date. What were you doing during that year? What were your dreams? What influenced your life? Now leap forward to the present day, how is it different?  Have fun time traveling via a pocket full of change. Never know what past events might trigger thoughts and ponderings. Hmmm, I wonder what “tall  dark and he has to go!”  is doing now?


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