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A person is a person no matter how small

on March 2, 2013
Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!

Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!!! What a wonderful contribution this man made to humanity in his many children’s books. I dare say they have a bigger message to the adults who read them to their children. Not sure if you are aware of the means of his books. The Lorax is about the environment. The Sneetches and other stories deal with bullying and racism. Heaven forbid you not have a star upon thars!! But my favorite is a little known and late to release of Dr. Seuss, Hooray for the Diffendoofer Day!! I challenge you all to check out a copy of Google it on your computer to read about this children’s book with a VERY strong political statement about how children are educated. Testing to the test is the way the government feels education should be run. Dr. Seuss saw the flaw in this school of thought. We should push for Diffendoofer Schools to open everywhere! It is not easy to be a diffendoofer sort of teacher in a modern-day school. Though your test scores will soar and the students will excel the protocol is beyond the comprehension and standardized tick marks required to be classified succesfuls in the data of the modern-day way. Integrating the arts is what it is about, all children can succeed if their learning style is met.

I challenge you to become a diffendoofer parent.  My earlier blogs on homework very much follow the diffendoofer philosophy. Let’s dare to be more than average. Most of all remember, a person is a person no matter how small. You can make a difference in a diffendoofer sort of way!!


2 responses to “A person is a person no matter how small

  1. It’s a shame for me to admit that I haven’t read or even heard about this Dr. Seuss book. I have read some of his books though, and I’m wondering how this one passed me. What I like about Dr. Seuss books is that, they may be chidren’s books but the message of them is generally for everybody of all ages, from all walks of life. Everybody can relate and you definitely learn something, from protecting nature to education. I would have to grab “Hooray for the Diffendoofer Day!! and let my kids read it, well, after me, of course! Thanks for sharing.

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