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Sugar limit law? There will be an uprising in the South if you mess with our sweet tea!!

on March 7, 2013
A glass of sweet tea

A glass of sweet tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rare will you find a political comment from me on this blog but this really got to me. Now the government is limiting the size of drinks to more “regular” portions thus cutting back on the sugar consumption. I understand we have become a supersized nation both figuratively and literally. But what will be next?

Will the sugar police be showing up at my house to measure the sugar content in my southern sweet tea? New Yorkers might be ok with the new sugar laws but there will be an uprising in the South if the sugar police mess with our sweet tea. For those of you not from the south, our sweet tea, if made right by true southern standards, would exceed any amount Starbuck’s puts in any of their specialty coffees and without a doubt more so than the traditional other southern water called Coke Cola. Southerns love their tea sweeter than sweet. We have been drinking it by the gallons since birth. Really folks, the southern sweet tea has been such since Georgia became a state.  You cannot use any less nor can you place any sort of artificial sweetener in it and still call it southern sweet tea.

About that artificial stuff, research shows that stuff is just deadly.  I guess it is ok to pump people full of cancer causing nasty tasting sweet stuff? Just curious how such a law got passed? You folks up north, the south will rise again if you try to mess with our sweet tea by enforcing this law to go nation wide. For your information, iced tea cannot be sweetened with sugar packets and taste right. It must be brewed and added while it is still hot so the sugar melts not dissolves. It just won’t taste right.

And folks thought the Boston Tea Party was a problem, the Southern Tea Party will be… all I can say is “Bless your hearts” if you trod upon my sweet tea. What will be next?



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