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I’m a Yellow Cap!!!

on March 10, 2013
English: Greensburg, KS June 4, 2007 - Members...

English: Greensburg, KS June 4, 2007 – Members of the Kansas/Nebraska Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief prepare the tent-kitchen for morning breakfast. The Baptists cook for disaster workers and the Salvation Army distributes the meals. From left-to-right are Everett Thayer, Richard Harvey, on Drummond, and Bill Streeter. Photo by Greg Henshall / FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was commissioned as a “Yellow Cap!” So what is so important about a yellow cap? If you know me well you wouldn’t think too much about that because you would know I drive a metallic gold rush xB Scion. Yellow just appears in the wardrobe more often than not because I am a huge fan of the local high school football team, the Yellow Jackets. Love yellow roses and yellow peeps. Seeing me in a yellow cap really would not be unusual except this one isn’t just any yellow baseball cap.

If you follow my blog you know I am a person who focuses on helping others but I have a problem with trying to save the world at times. In searching for ways to be more productive without being overwhelmed I came across a solution. I can wear my invisible super cape as well as don a yellow cap. ( Well, I just noticed if you take the “e” from “cape” you have “cap.”  How fitting!) Today I was commissioned as a Southern BaptistsDisaster Relief Volunteer.  I am not new to crisis management and prevention but never stepped into the aftermath in such a way as I will.

I live in the new tornado alley way in Georgia. We have been hit hard over the past few months, actually years. If it continues as it has been, my serve area will basically be in my back yard. Though I have worked with foreign missions in the past, I prefer to spend my efforts closer to home helping those in my general area at this time. Why would I need to cross the ocean when there are people right here who need help? Honestly, I would prefer I never get a call. Would never want to have such terrible things happen to anyone but if it does, I am close enough to be there as soon as the call  goes out without making huge logistical plans.

If you are a person who works well under pressure, is extremely flexible, loves a challenge as well as helping others I urge you to look into becoming a first responder or a member of a relief team. Disasters happen daily, folks need help and a warm smile of reassurance that someone cares enough to be there for no other reason than to help clean up or offer a warm meal. It isn’t easy work but it will be one of the most heartfelt rewarding experiences you might ever have.


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