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Saying good-bye doesn’t mean forever

on March 11, 2013

Was taught that you never quit once you make a committment. It didn’t matter if I was being used and abused, I was to stick it out to the bitter end. Quitting because you get your feelings hurt is wrong. Quitting because the situation is becoming harmful emotionally and physically is for the right reasons. Have tormented myself about the decision though I felt the weight of the world remove from my shoulders once the final words, “I resign” and “I quit” were out.

Living in a small town I realize the rumor mill will send out alerts making my sudden disappearance lunch time fodder.  If people knew the real reasons … I am not one to bring the world down, just letting them do that on their own. When ethics, best practice, and good moral codes are being tossed aside for gossip, head hunting, and tearing apart an organization then it is definitely time to move on. I am replaceable. Everyone is despite what they think. When egos, pride and greed take over then even the most talented will fail because the heart is not in the right place. History is pretty accurate on those 3 things causing more problems than good.

Once the attitudes change then there is a chance I will venture back that way. I said good-bye to the issues and grief but that doesn’t mean I said meant forever. I quit the attitudes and wrongful doing not my passion for what I do and love. I am team member person focused on the great good of others not for personal gain.

If you are struggling about quitting something you love but feel the commitment issue is the reason you are staying, I urge you to make a list of what is actually productive and non productive in your situation. Start the items that cause you great stress. Across from those items think about solutions. If those solutions are above what you can feasibly do then try those. If those fail then think about this, if this position is making you stressed in a way than is directly causing a decline in your health as well as bring grief to your other relationships then a change is necessary. I know in a tough economy such decisions weigh upon the financial but if your medical bills and relationships are strained the job or position might be costing you more in the long run. Doing what is right is often saying good-bye so you can move forward. You might end up a statistic of the result of extreme stress. In that case, good-bye might be forever.


One response to “Saying good-bye doesn’t mean forever

  1. midisparks says:

    yes – to acknowledge and then to let go of what hurts you. Thanks! These “obvious” notions still need to get said now and then. Keep writing my friend!

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