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Bullfrogs and butterflies

on March 13, 2013
Philaethria dido, Callaway Gardens, Georgia, USA

Philaethria dido, Callaway Gardens, Georgia, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bullfrogs and butterflies are amazing creatures. When I was in elementary school I learned the secret about metamorphosis. When it came tadpole season I captured a jar full and tended to them as they went from wiggly big-headed slimy things to full fledge frogs. A word to the wise, you never know when the last stages of transformation will occur so keep the jar covered so you do not awake to a few dozen small hoppers trying out their new legs. Lucky for me Callaway Gardens in Georgia had a butterfly house. Watching caterpillars from around the world break from their chrysalis or cocoon to their first flight was breath-taking.

We all go through stages where we make major changes. Sometimes those changes are drastic as with the butterfly and bullfrog. We can break free to show our true colors or develop a firmer stance on our beliefs.  Never fear a metamorphosis moment in your life. Thank goodness, unlike the frog and butterfly, we can have more than one metamorphosis in our life time. Embrace the ugly moments which are the growing and challenging ones before the new you is released.


3 responses to “Bullfrogs and butterflies

  1. midisparks says:

    it is helpful to appreciate this capacity of humans to achieve metamorphosis again and again. good point and thanks for raising!

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