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Jack…I think the giants are back

on March 20, 2013
Storms aftermath, Rockmart, GA 3/18/2013

Storm aftermath, Rockmart, GA 3/18/2013

The giants landed in the yard with lots of destruction. A total of 20 trees, 15 uprooted huge pines and 5 snipped or twisted at the second story level, definitely not from human hands. It happened in a matter of seconds. Usually I am the weather monitor, ready for things in advance but this one came with no warning. The storms ripped through northwest Georgia like a mass of angry giants.

The next day I headed out to the back mess of pines. I could not resist the urge to do a horizontal climb among the masses of fallen trees and massive limbs. I would have never been able to monkey my way up the sheer vertical heights even during my prime climbing days in childhood. While in this vertical position I could definitely make my way to the very top though most were over 8 feet off the grown. The disaster area appeared more of a playground. Why not take something so destructive and see it for the adventure it could be? My body  is covered in scratches and scrapes from my climb; I wear them proudly. My mind and body felt renewed though the next day I was feeling the conquest a bit more than I had anticipated.  Nevertheless, I would do it again given the chance.

In a few days the tangled mess will be nothing but craters from the massive roots, lines of cut wood, piles of sweet-smelling saw dust, and a mound of limbs waiting for a bon fire. The crew will clear the land. All will be but a memory until the next storm of giants passes through. A scary moment changed in a split second by seeing the potential instead of a disaster. I will smile knowing it was a moment my 48-year-old self felt 10 once again.


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