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Chainsaws and hammers, music to my ears

on March 28, 2013
low fired hand-built pottery

low fired hand-built pottery

If you grew up on a farm, the sounds of a chainsaw and hammers are not dreaded sounds. The ripping buzz signals a huge something needs moved or cut down to manageable size. Hammers meant something was either being fixed or built, either way another sign of progress. Though both meant there was some physical labor in the future, never an issue though. What I did dread more was the absence of those sounds.

There is always a need to update or repair things. Life brings both the need for growth and the opposite, death. With growth came expansion bringing in new things to explore and try. When chainsaws and hammers came out to deal with the opposite, I always saw it as another moment of renewal. Taking down the tree struck by lightning or demolition of the old barn that was about to collapse, it never failed that something would find its way to start anew in those bare spaces shortly after.

Leaving an old structure or a fallen tree, there is no room for growth. The decay and rot that follows only invites problems. It is a constant reminder of what was, a source to mourn, never a good visual. In other words, it could be a space that no one cares about. Hope is lost. No one believes the space worthy to take the extra time to refresh to make it anew. No one wants to bother, they just walk away.

How many “dead trees or collapsed buildings” are there in your life? What have you walked away from leaving an eye sore behind? No matter how far you space yourself from them the visual or memory is still there. Just think of the potential that cannot move in as long as the mess and decay lurks.  Sometimes it is best to rid yourself of the decay and stagnant issues in life. Moving on also means you need to clear the path so progress towards a new life can begin. Clean up the mess to make room in your heart, soul, and mind for more positive growth to move in.


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