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CPR for the soul

Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain (Photo credit: failing_angel)

Ever feel your heart has stopped? I don’t mean stopped beating just stopped feeling. Life doesn’t have the same colorful wonder it once did, it all seems a bit gray and dull. Or when things that once made you all warm and fuzzy inside or childlike no longer cause even a slightest stir; something is definitely wrong. Just wasn’t feeling the words or feeling that inner music like I did.

How does one give yourself CPR for a zap of life back in the old ticker? Had to look deep within my gloomy disposition to see what happened. I noticed that I had not listened to music in a few days, what art I had created was in pencil only, and I had locked myself inside working on projects.   Also, I had not danced around the house in weeks.

When the music stops, my heart takes a turn for the dark side of gloom and dull. Admit to you  my kids will be dying if I let this secret out, I am a closet dancer. Yes, when no one is around I turn up the turns and dance until I can dance no more or until someone returns home. Love feeling the music engulf me to the point I must move. Music brings the colors back to life and rocks the creative me. To take the music outside to my beloved nature and dance through the tulips (I am showing my age with that phrase) is the ultimate high. It helps to live on 3 acres so I do not scare the neighbors when I decide to blast my tunes and sink my toes into the good earth as I prance about the yard. Sometimes I pretend to washing the cars or watering the plants while I enjoy some dance moves. Another secret, I do like to dance in the rain. Puddle jumping to the tunes of Queen is … let’s just say I enjoy the moments.

Music filled my childhood in all forms and fashion. It is my regulator, comforter, motivator, lovey, and a source of reboot. Today I turned up the music of Blue Man Group, TaxiRide, Savage Garden and the sound track to August Rush. With an hour of pure pulsing tunes and a body moving every which way the music flowed, I was revived! The drawing had more zap. The color choice was enriching, and there was a smile upon my soul.

What grabs your heart and zaps your ticker back into shape? Find that thing which reaches in to your inner being and snaps it out of a funk. Journey back to your childhood to explore what you loved doing more than anything. It might be you must travel to a park and spend time swinging. Could be  watching Scooby Doo cartoons. Finding that special spot in a field to set your imagination loose on watching clouds form images. Whatever it is, rediscover the jump starter to your heart and soul. We all need CPR for the soul every now and then.

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Love letters


Mail (Photo credit: Bogdan Suditu)

When was the last time you received a letter? Not a bill or some junk mail, a real letter from someone near and dear to you. A letter filled with thoughts, dreams, hopes… maybe a private penned message hurried away to that special place reserved just for those letters you wish to revisit from time to time. When was the last time you received a letter addressed to you requesting nothing but your attention long enough to whisk you away in some thoughts with a smile on your face, maybe a bit of blush upon your cheeks? Hard to remember when I bet. We have moved into an electronic age where notes send in a flash to the receiver in a matter of seconds and a reply zipped back just as quick. Though very convenient it still doesn’t match the excitement and intimate level of the traditional hand written letter with the colorful postage stamp in the corner.

If you are old enough, do you remember getting letters from grandparents or friends? The excitement in hearing your parent calling out your name to alert you that you had a letter was a highlight of the week. Many cards and letters were saved in special boxes or containers as memory keepers. I still have two of mine, one is a small cedar chest and the other is an old shoebox. Along with the letters are trinkets and little nick knacks of special times and people in my life. I would never trade those letters for an email or a text.

Challenge yourself to pull out the paper to write someone you care about a personal note. No doubt the person will be shocked with delight to receive such a rare gift penned from you. Can you imagine what your kids would say of they received a letter from you? How about that special love in your life? Have you ever expressed your thoughts and feeling in the old fashion way, say in a letter? I am challenging myself to start writing letters each week to my children and friends. I am not going to allow them to miss out on the thrill and art of letter writing because I got too caught up in the technology to take the time to sit and focus on them.

As a creative, I enjoy filling my letters with visual delights and on some occasions I even make them multi-sensory. Ever get a letter with perfume or cologne sprayed on it? In college, that would have the whole hall in the dorm rushing to your room in hopes of getting a hint at the contents. Miss those days. But, it doesn’t have to be the sensual stuff sprayed on the letter to arouse some attention. Scented markers and the wonders of Bath and Body sprays can make the plain letter a festive occasion. Holiday scents and assorted other fun scents can cause excitement.

You can get creative by mailing your letter in a decorative envelope or a most unusual container. I once mailed my son a letter in a plastic bottle. Please check with the postal service before you labor on creating a unique piece to make sure it will pass the codes. More and more are in place than in the past.

On a side note, letter writing can improve your child’s penmanship and grammar. Letter writing can help with writer’s block. It can even patch relationships. I urge you to dust off your pen or pencil, maybe even the old markers to start a letter to someone special. I promise the experience will be beneficial to both the sender and receiver.



The great ATventure coming soon!

Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2014, a pivotal year for me. Every so often a person needs to just get out there and do something totally out of character. 2014 has my written all over it for such an adventure. 2013 will be my year of renewal as I prepare to take on a challenge, a thrill, facing some fears, and reconnecting with Mother Nature in a way I have not done since I was a kid.

My great ATventure will be tackling the Appalachian Trail (AT). Ok, I just heard the gasps and pictured the head shaking. I am not crazy, just in need of something to challenge myself to an extreme point. No, I am not going to thru-hike the trail. I plan to take many small trips over an extended period but somewhere down life’s path I do plan to do a thru-hike. Even section hikes are hard on the body of someone who is not… well, why I am taking a year to prepare for this adventure.

In May I will start my ATventure blog page. Will document my prep both physically and mentally for the trek. Once the ATventure begins I will update my progress as I make my way north on the 2,100+ mile trail. No doubt lots of laughs, tears, sweat, fears, and life lessons will be documented in the blog. I hope to make this a deep soul quest to explore the person I am when taken out of the civilized techno world that I have become so dependent upon to a very primitive and natural one I experienced more as a child growing up on a farm. I see it as a 35 year unlearning experience since it has been that long since I have been primitive camping running free in the woods without fears to hold me back.

Will welcome all advise and tips from experienced hikers and campers. Please check out the new blog in May. I will post the site and in formation once it is up and running.

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If you like Pina Coladas

English: Pina Colada

English: Pina Colada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If you like Pina Coladas

And getting caught in the rain

If you’re not into yoga

If you have half a brain

If you’d like making love at midnight

In the dunes on the Cape

Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for

Write to me and escape.”

Rupert Holmes, Pina Colada Song

A flash back to the wonderful music of the 80’s. This song spoke to me the other day. How many loved ones have I fallen out of touch with? Thought I knew them but fell into a rut which often happens as we move into the busy and self-centered lifestyles.

How many people did we have a false sense of a relationship with? They played a good game of knowing but in realty they never really did know our inner most being. They played to our outward senses. It was all a game of control we somehow missed noticing until it was too late. Then again, our “rose-colored glasses” might have gotten into the way so we never saw their true inner self either. Despite the reasons we somehow missed the bonding or soul mate factors (this holds true of best friends as well and family members), discovering a stranger in your mist is starling.

The song tells the story of a delusional lover who places an ad for a more suitable partner only to find his lover answers the ad. She was the lady he had looked for. Are you over looking the love or friendship you have looked for because you have not taken the time to explore and discover the passions and dreams of a person other than the generic sort of dates and discussions? Or is your relationship built on false illusions?

If you could write such an ad, what would it say? What is your heart and soul scream out to find? What secret passions and dreams do you wish your significant other or best friend know about you? Is it because you are reluctant to share or is the person never willing to consider your loves  apart of the lives you share?



To tell is to save

Someone knows. No one person commits a crime or violent act without another person aware. There is this thing called denial which can cover the truth.The ” I didn’t see anything” routine we throw out as an excuse to hide the suspicions. Behavior changes, attitude issues, the obsessions, the odd events…. someone was aware that another person was heading down a wrong path. If you examine the testimonies after the fact in trials, hearings, and media all will prove the consistent reality, someone had a clue this was going to happen.

Fear is such a controlling thing but it is truly not a reality either. Fear is self-inflicted. We cause our own fear. Yes, someone can threaten but it is within our own being we decide to allow the fear to dwell or make a change, to face it and stop it. Save ourself or be brave enough to save masses from a mad person who we know will never stop at just one event if allowed to continue to lash out. Speaking up is a difficult thing.

Taking a stand to prevent more deaths and tragedy is the right thing to do. What happened to the honor of being brave? Have we become a society so self-centered we only value our own life allowing a killer run lose to do more harm? Someone knows. Just a thought to those that hold secrets about killers and such, fear will not protect you. You are of greater risking knowing than telling. You will never be without fear unless you take a stand and tell. Your knowledge and involvement will haunt you to the point your fears will become so intense madness will set in. Then, you are no better than the bomb maker, the murderer, the evil that desires to take lives because in fact you allowed it to happen. Someone knows. Is it you? do the right thing, stop the violence and senseless harm upon your own people and nation. Speak up.


Nightmares of the mind

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Old vacant houses attract attention. Our minds create worst case scenarios as to what might have taken place when the house was in its splendor causing the occupants to leave. Even with beliefs of mass murders, loony neighbors, or possible paranormal happenings which send chills down our spines, we often feel the need to validate our created nightmares to wander in to take a peek.

With the senses in overdrive from all the mental stories created before even stepping foot into the old place, the mind tries to rationalize every movement, sound, smell, and visual. A mind overloaded with every possible horror and tragedy, there is no hope for even the slightest sound being interpreted within rational possibilities. The eyes will play tricks when the mind is filled with possible ghostly thoughts. Shadows become spectors without the slightest second guess. Some people have even been known to become so engrossed in the thought of a haunting the mind will create phantom smells. A slight breeze passing through broken windows or holes in the walls can lead to thoughts of ghostly visitors passing close by.

The mind is a creative host for both good and bad. I wonder if anyone has ever looked upon a house such as the one in the picture and wondered what awesome events might have taken place there. Would thoughts of a happy family or celebrations come to mind? Makes you wonder why our minds instantly jump to scary and tragic events when we see places like the one in the picture. Think about this, do we often let our minds create nightmares about others we come across in our life journeys like we do when we pass old broken down houses?

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Vampires, mummies, and the Holy Ghost, the things Jimmy Buffet fears the most

An Australian Pelican gliding with its large w...

An Australian Pelican gliding with its large wings extended (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost

These are the things that terrify me the most

No aliens, psychopaths or MTV hosts

Scares me like vampires, mummies and the Holy Ghost

Had a dream last night

Took a time traveling ride

Back to my childhood

Where those monsters reside

They snack on innocence

And dine on self-esteem

But I like to be in touch with what makes me scream

Jimmy Buffet just has a way of explaining it all in his lyrics, “Vampires, Mummies, and the Holy Ghost.” Yes, I have this hang up on focusing on fears now so indulge me as I explore. In my past post, I mentioned fears begin created from past experiences especially from childhood. What fears have traveled the years with you from way back then?

Did you wake screaming and no one came to ease your fears from a nightmare? Were you cornered by a dog barking and growling and now you won’t get near a dog? Did a pelican flying overhead at the beach drop a load of poop on your head causing a fear of birds? While eating a fresh blackberry pie your father had made from the berries he spent all day gathering and “cleaning” to find you bit into a June bug not a berry creating a fear of eating any berry cobbler or pie? While running in a pasture bare foot as a child did you slide in a fresh cow patty creating a fear of being barefoot? Those might sound strange but believe me I know people who have developed fears from such events during childhood.

What are the odds that the same situation would happen again? Take the blackberry pie incident as an example. The biggest issue is being made fun of during the discovery the crunch was not a blackberry but a June bug. The reality is the fear of being embarrassed more than actually consuming a June bug. The fear of a bird pooping on your head again is so rare but once again, it can be connected to the laughter and taunting that occurred after the fact more so than the event itself. Step back for a moment in time, what would your reaction have been if it had happened to someone else. Chances are you would have laughed and taunted the victim unmercifully for years about the poop on the head or part of a June bug hanging out of their mouth.

Take a moment to revisit some of your fears. What makes them so scary? Is it a true fear or related to the reaction of being embarrassed.

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Facing fears hopefully without the tears

On A Dark Trail

On A Dark Trail (Photo credit: bogenfreund)

We all have them though often not open about them… fears! Some developed early in life, others from traumatic events we still struggle to grasp the reality. Others cannot be explained they just appeared without rhyme or reason attached to the most unlikely of events or things.

Common fears are spiders, snakes, clowns, and heights. Working with children and adults over a 30 period I have found there is not a single thing or event that someone has not formed a fear to. Fears can limit personal growth and progress towards positive outcomes. Some fears are self-defeating leading to unhealthy briefs about oneself. If fears hold you back, find a way to face them to resolve the root of the problem. You might need some help in tackling this at the beginning.  It is as  simple as enlisting the help of a friend to tag along with you when you decide it is time to head to the circus to confront the clowns, from a safe distance. Or a group of friends to tag along as you go to the zoo to handle snakes with a trained professional. I do not recommend anyone to go into the woods and snatch up a snake as means of facing this fear. Please use precautions! Seeking out professional counseling is another option. Just start the process. A confident and empowered person resides deep within you, it is time to bring that person to the surface so life can begin to open up more possibilities in the future.

Creative Tidal Waves is about finding alternatives to overcoming struggles. To prove my philosophy and belief in what I do I am tackling a plethora of fears in one major undertaking. Applying all the CTW techniques and ways so you can follow along my journey. My hope is that through my own personal trial and error, you will find creative options to help you as well as I work through the process to embrace the torment.

The official journey to face my mixed bag of fears will open with a linked blog named, “The ATventure.” Look for it the first of May as I prepare mentally and physically to tackle on the Appalachian Trail on my 50th birthday. My fears, reasons for chosing this particular event, and much more will unfold each week in the year-long process to prepare.

What do you fear? How would you tackle it if given the opporunity? Or, you you chose not to?


Goose bumps and butterflies in your stomach

Ever get goose bumps and butterflies in your stomach? I have had just goose bumps when I was scare and ” butterflies in the stomach”  feeling when I was nervous but paired together means something totalling different. Every time I take on a new endeavor I get a bad dose of both. I do not take this as a bad sign as some do. To me, it signals a new adventure because my body is reacting to something that is not within the norm range.

Adventures into the unknown are scary and nerve-wracking. Got to embrace the torment and trust in the process. Most of the torment is all the stink’in think’in haunting me so I will back out and things stay as they are. Why would my brain warn me and try to scare me from pursuing? Because my life experiences stored there are screaming we have no facts to guide you so this cannot be a good thing. My heart which seems  attached to my stomach is all aflutter because it is warning there will be some troubles ahead because there are questionable emotions flowing. If everyone who experienced these natural warning signs fell victim and turned away then I am pretty certain we would all still be sitting in caves watching the grass grow out of fear.

Once the brain and heart have developed memories and attached emotions to the new challenge, the warning signs will not happen again. Sometimes we just need to override the system because we know there is a greater potential beyond the mind/heart gateway. I do enter the challenge with caution and with advice in tow to soften the “I told you so” and the potential for rock blocks and bumps along the new path.

Time to catch the Creative Tidal Wave as the CEO and ride the wave to help bring success via the arts to all who are in need!!


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