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Did you miss this along the journey?

on April 6, 2013
Raven Cliff Falls Trail

Raven Cliff Falls Trail

Raven Cliff Falls trail, GA

Raven Cliff Falls trail, GA

They are all around you just have to have an open mind to see them. Folklore captures the glimpses into the faces of nature. If one is lucky you can find a forest full as you wander about. I am certain this old fellow has many tales to tell about the many people passing his way daily. His smug look makes me wonder what he would tell others of my travels. Certain he snickered as I tripped over the root trying to take his picture.

Do you see the dragon’s head? Look closely. To the left is the nostril and to the right is the eye on the magnificent weathered head of this creature. Before the days of mass media and technology, I am certain some traveler would have come home with tells of the dragon and the tree spirit along the path.

Are you so focused upon the destination the wonders of the journey are often missed? As I traveled the many trails this past week I watched as folks missed the rare glimpses into the face of nature. When I questioned if they saw the faces they looked at me like I was crazy. Bringing the images back up on my camera some could see them others just saw a tree, nothing more. Sad, so much missed out on due to a lack of imagination. Is it such a bad thing to let your mind see the possibilities? If one cannot see the rare glimpses in nature, what are they missing in their daily walk? How many faces go unseen?

I challenge you to take a hike. Open you eyes and mind to the possibilities around you. Do not limit your visions to trees, the clouds are masterpieces in the making. Rocks and plants often hold their own secrets.


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