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Goose bumps and butterflies in your stomach

on April 8, 2013

Ever get goose bumps and butterflies in your stomach? I have had just goose bumps when I was scare and ” butterflies in the stomach”  feeling when I was nervous but paired together means something totalling different. Every time I take on a new endeavor I get a bad dose of both. I do not take this as a bad sign as some do. To me, it signals a new adventure because my body is reacting to something that is not within the norm range.

Adventures into the unknown are scary and nerve-wracking. Got to embrace the torment and trust in the process. Most of the torment is all the stink’in think’in haunting me so I will back out and things stay as they are. Why would my brain warn me and try to scare me from pursuing? Because my life experiences stored there are screaming we have no facts to guide you so this cannot be a good thing. My heart which seems  attached to my stomach is all aflutter because it is warning there will be some troubles ahead because there are questionable emotions flowing. If everyone who experienced these natural warning signs fell victim and turned away then I am pretty certain we would all still be sitting in caves watching the grass grow out of fear.

Once the brain and heart have developed memories and attached emotions to the new challenge, the warning signs will not happen again. Sometimes we just need to override the system because we know there is a greater potential beyond the mind/heart gateway. I do enter the challenge with caution and with advice in tow to soften the “I told you so” and the potential for rock blocks and bumps along the new path.

Time to catch the Creative Tidal Wave as the CEO and ride the wave to help bring success via the arts to all who are in need!!



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