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Facing fears hopefully without the tears

on April 10, 2013
On A Dark Trail

On A Dark Trail (Photo credit: bogenfreund)

We all have them though often not open about them… fears! Some developed early in life, others from traumatic events we still struggle to grasp the reality. Others cannot be explained they just appeared without rhyme or reason attached to the most unlikely of events or things.

Common fears are spiders, snakes, clowns, and heights. Working with children and adults over a 30 period I have found there is not a single thing or event that someone has not formed a fear to. Fears can limit personal growth and progress towards positive outcomes. Some fears are self-defeating leading to unhealthy briefs about oneself. If fears hold you back, find a way to face them to resolve the root of the problem. You might need some help in tackling this at the beginning.  It is as  simple as enlisting the help of a friend to tag along with you when you decide it is time to head to the circus to confront the clowns, from a safe distance. Or a group of friends to tag along as you go to the zoo to handle snakes with a trained professional. I do not recommend anyone to go into the woods and snatch up a snake as means of facing this fear. Please use precautions! Seeking out professional counseling is another option. Just start the process. A confident and empowered person resides deep within you, it is time to bring that person to the surface so life can begin to open up more possibilities in the future.

Creative Tidal Waves is about finding alternatives to overcoming struggles. To prove my philosophy and belief in what I do I am tackling a plethora of fears in one major undertaking. Applying all the CTW techniques and ways so you can follow along my journey. My hope is that through my own personal trial and error, you will find creative options to help you as well as I work through the process to embrace the torment.

The official journey to face my mixed bag of fears will open with a linked blog named, “The ATventure.” Look for it the first of May as I prepare mentally and physically to tackle on the Appalachian Trail on my 50th birthday. My fears, reasons for chosing this particular event, and much more will unfold each week in the year-long process to prepare.

What do you fear? How would you tackle it if given the opporunity? Or, you you chose not to?


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