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To tell is to save

on April 18, 2013

Someone knows. No one person commits a crime or violent act without another person aware. There is this thing called denial which can cover the truth.The ” I didn’t see anything” routine we throw out as an excuse to hide the suspicions. Behavior changes, attitude issues, the obsessions, the odd events…. someone was aware that another person was heading down a wrong path. If you examine the testimonies after the fact in trials, hearings, and media all will prove the consistent reality, someone had a clue this was going to happen.

Fear is such a controlling thing but it is truly not a reality either. Fear is self-inflicted. We cause our own fear. Yes, someone can threaten but it is within our own being we decide to allow the fear to dwell or make a change, to face it and stop it. Save ourself or be brave enough to save masses from a mad person who we know will never stop at just one event if allowed to continue to lash out. Speaking up is a difficult thing.

Taking a stand to prevent more deaths and tragedy is the right thing to do. What happened to the honor of being brave? Have we become a society so self-centered we only value our own life allowing a killer run lose to do more harm? Someone knows. Just a thought to those that hold secrets about killers and such, fear will not protect you. You are of greater risking knowing than telling. You will never be without fear unless you take a stand and tell. Your knowledge and involvement will haunt you to the point your fears will become so intense madness will set in. Then, you are no better than the bomb maker, the murderer, the evil that desires to take lives because in fact you allowed it to happen. Someone knows. Is it you? do the right thing, stop the violence and senseless harm upon your own people and nation. Speak up.


2 responses to “To tell is to save

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  2. midisparks says:

    Powerful post. Thanks.

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