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If you like Pina Coladas

on April 24, 2013
English: Pina Colada

English: Pina Colada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If you like Pina Coladas

And getting caught in the rain

If you’re not into yoga

If you have half a brain

If you’d like making love at midnight

In the dunes on the Cape

Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for

Write to me and escape.”

Rupert Holmes, Pina Colada Song

A flash back to the wonderful music of the 80’s. This song spoke to me the other day. How many loved ones have I fallen out of touch with? Thought I knew them but fell into a rut which often happens as we move into the busy and self-centered lifestyles.

How many people did we have a false sense of a relationship with? They played a good game of knowing but in realty they never really did know our inner most being. They played to our outward senses. It was all a game of control we somehow missed noticing until it was too late. Then again, our “rose-colored glasses” might have gotten into the way so we never saw their true inner self either. Despite the reasons we somehow missed the bonding or soul mate factors (this holds true of best friends as well and family members), discovering a stranger in your mist is starling.

The song tells the story of a delusional lover who places an ad for a more suitable partner only to find his lover answers the ad. She was the lady he had looked for. Are you over looking the love or friendship you have looked for because you have not taken the time to explore and discover the passions and dreams of a person other than the generic sort of dates and discussions? Or is your relationship built on false illusions?

If you could write such an ad, what would it say? What is your heart and soul scream out to find? What secret passions and dreams do you wish your significant other or best friend know about you? Is it because you are reluctant to share or is the person never willing to consider your loves  apart of the lives you share?



2 responses to “If you like Pina Coladas

  1. midisparks says:

    i always enjoyed that song and it’s message. thanks for your great post!

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