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The great ATventure coming soon!

on April 28, 2013
Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2014, a pivotal year for me. Every so often a person needs to just get out there and do something totally out of character. 2014 has my written all over it for such an adventure. 2013 will be my year of renewal as I prepare to take on a challenge, a thrill, facing some fears, and reconnecting with Mother Nature in a way I have not done since I was a kid.

My great ATventure will be tackling the Appalachian Trail (AT). Ok, I just heard the gasps and pictured the head shaking. I am not crazy, just in need of something to challenge myself to an extreme point. No, I am not going to thru-hike the trail. I plan to take many small trips over an extended period but somewhere down life’s path I do plan to do a thru-hike. Even section hikes are hard on the body of someone who is not… well, why I am taking a year to prepare for this adventure.

In May I will start my ATventure blog page. Will document my prep both physically and mentally for the trek. Once the ATventure begins I will update my progress as I make my way north on the 2,100+ mile trail. No doubt lots of laughs, tears, sweat, fears, and life lessons will be documented in the blog. I hope to make this a deep soul quest to explore the person I am when taken out of the civilized techno world that I have become so dependent upon to a very primitive and natural one I experienced more as a child growing up on a farm. I see it as a 35 year unlearning experience since it has been that long since I have been primitive camping running free in the woods without fears to hold me back.

Will welcome all advise and tips from experienced hikers and campers. Please check out the new blog in May. I will post the site and in formation once it is up and running.


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