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CPR for the soul

on April 30, 2013
Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain (Photo credit: failing_angel)

Ever feel your heart has stopped? I don’t mean stopped beating just stopped feeling. Life doesn’t have the same colorful wonder it once did, it all seems a bit gray and dull. Or when things that once made you all warm and fuzzy inside or childlike no longer cause even a slightest stir; something is definitely wrong. Just wasn’t feeling the words or feeling that inner music like I did.

How does one give yourself CPR for a zap of life back in the old ticker? Had to look deep within my gloomy disposition to see what happened. I noticed that I had not listened to music in a few days, what art I had created was in pencil only, and I had locked myself inside working on projects.   Also, I had not danced around the house in weeks.

When the music stops, my heart takes a turn for the dark side of gloom and dull. Admit to you  my kids will be dying if I let this secret out, I am a closet dancer. Yes, when no one is around I turn up the turns and dance until I can dance no more or until someone returns home. Love feeling the music engulf me to the point I must move. Music brings the colors back to life and rocks the creative me. To take the music outside to my beloved nature and dance through the tulips (I am showing my age with that phrase) is the ultimate high. It helps to live on 3 acres so I do not scare the neighbors when I decide to blast my tunes and sink my toes into the good earth as I prance about the yard. Sometimes I pretend to washing the cars or watering the plants while I enjoy some dance moves. Another secret, I do like to dance in the rain. Puddle jumping to the tunes of Queen is … let’s just say I enjoy the moments.

Music filled my childhood in all forms and fashion. It is my regulator, comforter, motivator, lovey, and a source of reboot. Today I turned up the music of Blue Man Group, TaxiRide, Savage Garden and the sound track to August Rush. With an hour of pure pulsing tunes and a body moving every which way the music flowed, I was revived! The drawing had more zap. The color choice was enriching, and there was a smile upon my soul.

What grabs your heart and zaps your ticker back into shape? Find that thing which reaches in to your inner being and snaps it out of a funk. Journey back to your childhood to explore what you loved doing more than anything. It might be you must travel to a park and spend time swinging. Could be  watching Scooby Doo cartoons. Finding that special spot in a field to set your imagination loose on watching clouds form images. Whatever it is, rediscover the jump starter to your heart and soul. We all need CPR for the soul every now and then.


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  1. midisparks says:

    I will have to think about your advice. thanks for your great blog.

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