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Apps to help with Organization

on June 3, 2013
English: Various remote controls fot TV-set, D...

English: Various remote controls fot TV-set, DVD and VHS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My life is surrounded with ADHD/ADD sorts. I also have a good dose of it myself. Lately with all the distractions of starting my business I have discovered my old tricks of dealing with my own distractions have not been working.

Many do not understand the ADHD/ADD mindset. Honestly, we who deal with it daily have a hard time explaining it. The best way I can describe what is happening inside our heads is via an example in which you might be able to experience. Imagine a place like Best Buy, or Wal-Mart where televisions are sold. If all the televisions were located in one room so you are surrounded by them except for the door, then someone turned them all on with the sound wide open. You are in this state while someone is trying to talk to you on your cell phone or someone walks into the room to tell you something important. The assault on the senses and memory are very much like being in such a room. There is no one remote control that will cut the sound down or turn off the visuals. You might have a bucket load of remote controls getting lucky from time to time to reduce the assault from a few of the televisions but most likely you would go through many before finding ones that work. Do you get the mental picture of how your brains are working? We never know what will trigger the mental bombardment of ideas and heaven, knows we try to cut the on slaughter of ideas happening but we cannot.

A great friend who suffers from such moments happened upon an app which has changed my life. Thank you for sharing, Mark! This app is for iPhone. For a creative it provides the unexpected twist to being an app task master. We, creatives with ADHD/ADD need more than a ping or color flash to motivate us. We need attention stoppers and twisted rewards. We become like Pavlov’s dogs as well list more items to our to-do list to get the brash and often hilarious responses which triggers us continue with the cycle. We love the written zingers and zany rewards, it fuels the creative inside of us as well as becomes an addiction which drives a productive side effect. Now if a person insulted me or gave me a binary lesson I might not be so thrilled but coming from this electronic fictional character called CARROT, I am highly motivated and driven.

CARROT is a to-do list task master with a twisted sense of humor. If you ignore your list, Carrot will say some… well, you must experience the sharp tongue of this wicked little task master to understand. If you like humor with a side of sarcasm then Carrot is the app to-do list for you. There is another twist, if you work through so many tasks Carrot will give you a virtual cat to take care of. You attention to making your list and completing tasks will gain you access to caring for your virtual pet. Beware if you do not visit daily with progress, Carrot will shame you. You virtual cat’s life will also depend upon your attention to your to-do list as well.

If you need a creative motivator, check out Carrot. It will most definitely will keep you motivated and productive with a side of laughter.

Check back for more apps for ADHD/ADD types.


2 responses to “Apps to help with Organization

  1. Mark says:

    Donna, what a great post! I love your description of what people with ADD go through. It’s not that we are intentionally not focusing. The fact is, there’s a lot of stimuli fighting for our attention. The only thing I would add to your description is that the single door to the TV room is locked. That’s how I feel — I can’t escape the noise.

    I am using CARROT every day now. The interactivity of the app makes it ideal for those of us with ADD. I am glad that you have found it helpful.

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