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The Reason For YOU

on July 8, 2013

Only Paige“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is, not how it compares with other expression. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open.” – Martha Graham

What an impact statement! If we raised our children with this statement in mind can you imagine what great things they would accomplish? We are each unique. No matter what challenge or issue you have a purpose no one but you can do because it takes the exact skills, knowledge, and unique twist that only you can bring.

When I work with clients, friends, and students I remind them that with every challenge comes a gift that is unique to them. It is our mission to take a journey to uncover the gift given and develop it. Many people are not aware of their gift. Actually, most people have more than one gift but it takes discovering the first to uncover the rest. Often people do not see the gift as it is but link it to the challenge. ADHD folks have a drive like no other. This drive and persistence can actually be a gift in another setting. One must find how the gift is best used by not focusing on the negative. Kids with learning challenges may not excel in one area but might have an uncanny ability in another if the text is read to them so they can comprehend. Learning disabled kids often think “out-of-the-box” making it possible for them to see problems and situations in a way most folks do not. They  are often excellent problem solvers given the opportunity to bounce ideas around. So, do not think a challenge means you have not gifts or exceptional abilities. You are unique despite what others say based upon a test score or an IQ test. Test do not determine your abilities other than on one particular day and moment.

Challenge those you meet to rise above and share their gifts. If they haven’t found their gift then help them discover what is unique about themselves. If everyone focused on what makes them unique and shares their true being with others, what a wonderful world it would be.


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