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Shall We Dance?

on July 17, 2013
Line Dancing

Line Dancing (Photo credit: Tobyotter)

Shall we dance? Will it be the waltz? Maybe we should line dance? Nah, how about the Cell Block Tango? Or maybe we could just do the bump. Whatever we do let it flow and fill the space and void of life not being met. Let our dance meet and greet the moment per situation. Let the music of life’s struggles and joys dictate the responses as we move through time and space harmoniously. Help me they say. Guide me through the fast paces, the slow drawn out sad songs, and inspire me when the chaos of a thousand instruments and voices are an overload. Help me find my rhythm. Help me be surefooted so I do not stumble and embarrass myself. Help me find the flow through life’s moments.

The dance I speak of is the response to working with people with challenges. How do I manage when others are so out of sync and bouncing off the wall? How do I change the flow during depression and blues when no one will move? How do I take a group of kids out of control and create a flow and calmness which is productive? The answer is I dance. It is about assessing the situation to adjust to the needs of the dance partners.

If hyper and impulsive, I change my tone and attitude to a calm slow dance approach. I move about in a way which brings the Ping-Pong ball like bodies into sync and all moving with the same pace and flow. With a group full of depressed and down in the dumps sorts I find the inner upbeat flow and move about in a happy-go-lucky manner demonstrating all are in a safe environment. With a mixed bag of assorted fun issues all happening I must work the room partnering with various folks at their need level then moving them in to what I like to call a line dance of sorts. Getting everyone in tune with each other so we are all flowing the same  direction to the same internal music in our heads.

Guess I am the lead dancer per say. But oh, what a fun challenge to walk into mass chaos seeing the potential. Have you ever noticed how the bee hive works? It is about the dance. The buzzing about to communicate, to calm, to inform, to create compatible life within the hive of busy headstrong worker bees for the good of the whole. Check out a nature flick on the bee dance in the hives No, I do not run around shaking my tail but I do a lot of constant checking in and manipulating the flow and ebb of communication.

Working with ADHD and other hidden disorders takes a lot of focus and body language reading. Dancers do the same thing with their partners or dance line. It doesn’t always start perfect. Someone will step on another’s toes or bump into each other. Someone will miss a count or beat. Someone will rush or be too slow.  The same sort of behaviors take place in the workplace or classroom as they do in a dance studio or at a club. Set the beat or pace then help your co-workers, employees, or students find the flow. Help them get past the mashed toes to move on to master the task. Help them partner with the people less likely to cause the triggers or make them miss a beat. Help them find the slow dance pace or the constant rhythm needed to complete the task. Talking with them using a music metaphor aids in understanding. Often it is hard to explain what is happening or how you want the group or person to react. The dance is about finding the right beat and flow. Sometimes the right partner or even music to match their style. A calming personality pairs well with a hyper one if the other is more of the guiding sort. With personality disorders, finding a person who easily adjusts and finds the shifts an amusing challenge is a far better partner than paired with an extreme controlling sort.

Observe, listen, find the beat and flow in any given situation then… dance.

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