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Shark like focus

on August 3, 2013

A back-to-school reblog


Have you ever found your mind wandering when you should be focused on a task? Have you ever noticed what other people are doing during long boring meetings to keep their focus? There are options that can help you gain that focus during meetings and frustrating tasks.

As adults, we have many options. No one stays perfectly still during long drawn out meetings. People play with their pens, doodle, chew gum, have some sort of drink with them, or are moving some body part in a not so obvious way such as swinging their feet. When working on a project in the office, people often listen to music, have their coffee, snack on crunchy foods, etc. Everyone has some sort of tricks they use, most people of not aware that they are doing these things to full fill a sensory need to help them focus and stay alert. It is…

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